Microalgae are found in all freshwater and saltwater environments. They naturally photosynthesize food directly from atmospheric CO2 and water using sunlight’s energy.
Unlike other microalgal technologies, CBC does not use genetically modified strains. Instead, it selects and adapts naturally occurring strains to maximize the capture of CO2, SOx, and NOx (from flue gases, industrial processes, or ambient air) as well as the biosorption of heavy metals present in the gas or process water.

CBC’s patented technology is unique in that industrial gases require no pre-treatment; i.e. it works with “raw gases" delivered from the plant’s exhaust point via a pipeline to the photobioreactor (PBR) array or “Carbon Farm”. The oxygen resulting from microalgal photosynthesis is continuously released into the atmosphere.

Carbon BioCapture’s microalgal photobioreactors in Ventanas, Chile, and in Cartagena, Colombia are the world’s first to be connected directly to a coal-fired power plant and a cement plant respectively and operated continuously for years.



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