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Carbon BioCapture LLC’s patented microalgal carbon capture technology cleans industrial and urban gas emissions.
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Carbon BioCapture LLC designs, builds, owns, and operates its photobioreactor (PBR) arrays, also known as “Carbon Farms”, effectively providing its clients a service that removes CO2, SOx, and NOx from flue- and exhaust gases.

Clients make adjacent land available for the Carbon Farm (PBR arrays) and lay the gas transfer pipeline to supply the CO2-rich gases to it. Also, clients provide the necessary water, electricity, and internet connectivity.

Clients pay only a service fee equal to the current prevailing carbon tax times the amount of CO2 captured; the same for SOx and NOx.

Carbon BioCapture owns and markets the resulting biomass, which can be used for bio-fertilizer, biofuel, bioplastics, or feed production. Different microalgae strains can be grown in various plots of the carbon farm to optimize production according to market demand for each of the biomass applications.

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For questions about Carbon BioCapture® please contact us at:

Address: Miami, Florida 33134, United States

Email: info@carbonbiocapture.com